AI has entered the chat.

Glue is smarter work chat for people, apps, and AI.

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Glue is the work chat app for focused, AI-assisted conversations.

Glue AI gives you an intelligent assistant in every Glue thread.

Bring AI into your work.

Mention Glue AI from any thread to help you iterate on ideas, give you feedback, and summarize information.

AI goes multiplayer.

Work together with Glue AI and your team in every thread. Move faster when everyone can see and benefit.

Context is powerful.

Glue AI knows about your threads and groups. It can look into documents and cross-reference with the current thread to answer questions.

Choose a model

Glue AI is powered by either OpenAI GPT-4o model or Anthropic's Claude 3 model, with more models coming soon.


Add your own API key for unlimited usage.

Threads, no channels attached.

Unleash threads from the restrictions of channels.

Groups. Organize people around teams, topics, or projects.

Threads. Clarify conversations with a name and one or more recipients.

Add someone to a single thread, not the whole group

Add multiple groups to a thread to send it to all of them

Reply in a new thread to fork the conversation

Browse all the threads in a group

More signal, less noise.

Focus when you need to, explore when you want to.

Inbox, one home for everything important.

Stay focused on all of the threads you care about without losing track.

Mark threads done to keep your workflow clear.

Feed, for when you actually want more.

Quickly catch up on everything that hasn’t landed in your Inbox.

If you find an interesting or important thread, simply follow so you don’t miss anything.

Productivity-first integrations.

Glue apps organize your notifications into threads, giving Glue AI the perfect context to supercharge your workflows.

Designed for developers.

Glue provides a toolbox to connect your apps together with AI and give your team superpowers. Let’s do it together.


You can begin to integrate your favorite apps and custom workflows today, using built-in Slack-compatible incoming webhook support.

Public API

Coming soon

We’ll soon release our public API so you can deeply integrate the power of Glue into your company workflows. With all your information at your fingertips you’ll be more efficient, Glue AI wil be smarter, and all your apps will work better.

App Platform

Coming soon

We’ve been building Glue from day-one as a full app platform so 3rd-party developers can build great experiences that make both Glue and your apps better. Imagine all of your siloed app conversations surfaced together right beside your work chat so you can catch up and reply in one place, and accessible to Glue AI for maximum insight into what’s happening across your team. More updates coming soon...